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Terms and Conditions

1. Motoring Ahead Pvt. Ltd. does not provide for any form of Cancellation or Refund once payment if received and acknowledged.

2. Pls call or message the information, support or helpline contacts in case of any doubts.

3. The maximum liability for any service is limited to the net cost of the service charge payed by the customer.

4. Third Party services are warrantied, serviced and supported by the respective third partes.

5. Motoring Ahead Pvt. Ltd. entertains no liability for buyers remorse, perceived or noted dissatisfaction or drop in performance and lapsing of warranty due to any reason. It will carry out all practically and financially reasonable efforts to resolve disputes if any limited to the cost of the service charge.

6. The legal recouse for disputes if any would be the District Level Civil court of Thane, Maharashtra, India.

Returns & Cancellation Policy

Motoring Ahead would not entertain any refund or cancellation requests once payment is received and acknowledged